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STUDY SHEET FOR MGMT 384_9_10 - Note This chapter is...

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STUDY SHEET FOR MGMT 384 Exam 2 Chapter 9 & 10 Chapter 9 – Training Human Resources (pages 266-273, 281-285, 291-300, 315-320) What is strategic training? What are the steps in a good training process? What is a training needs analysis and how is it done? What issues exist that are part of the training design phase – Why is self-efficacy important for training to be successful? What is transfer of training? How can it be increased? What are the primary adult learning principles? Explain the 4 different levels of evaluation of training effectiveness? Why would an employer be interested in each level? What are the types of training evaluation designs and which is the strongest – why? Given the training video we saw in class on Loewe’s Hotels, what additional issues would you want to consider in responding to the issue of employee mistakes? Chapter 10 – Talent Management & Development
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Unformatted text preview: Note: This chapter is closely related to the chapter on Training, but is more focused on the development and retention of higher level employees. Succession planning and career planning are central and additional issues so pay close attention to them! • Why is talent management needed? • Definitions: talent management, career, career paths • Who is responsible for planning a person’s career? • What is a career plateau and why do organizations need to be concerned? • What is the difference between training and development? • What types of approaches to development are there? Advantages? • What kinds of competencies do managers learn through experience? • Describe the succession planning process – why is it needed? • What are the important questions organizations have to consider in succession planning?...
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