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Chapter 11 Study Sheet - have What can be done to fix the...

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Chapter 11 Study Sheet Chapter 11 – Performance Management & Appraisal What is performance management and why is it needed? The video in class illustrated what key points about supervisor preparation for a performance appraisal interview? How does a manager or organization identify measures of performance? What are the differences between how an employee sees performance appraisal and how the company/employer does? What conflicts may exist and why? Performance appraisal systems can be criticized – why – what negative effects might they
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Unformatted text preview: have? What can be done to fix the problems? • Purposes of PA/ issues of confidentiality • What is the difference between measuring traits, behaviors, and results as performance measures? • What errors might there be in performance appraisals system? • Know what the strengths and weaknesses are of ranking, forced distribution, MBO, BARS, and 360 systems • What are the important elements of an effective Performance appraisal interview?...
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