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MGT 384 - Human Resource Management Management 384 –Winter 2010 College of Business EASTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY Instructor Denise Tanguay Ph.D

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Unformatted text preview: Human Resource Management Management 384 –Winter 2010 College of Business EASTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY Instructor: Denise Tanguay, Ph.D., S.P.H.R. Office: 551 Owen, COB Office Hours: T & TH 9:30 – 11:30 am.; TH 5:30 – 6:30, after class and also by appointment E-Mail: , I’ll try to get back to you within 48 hours. Phone: 487-3278 (or Mgmt Department @ 487-3240) Section: TTH 11:30-12:45; Room 114 Text: Human Resource Management, Mathis and Jackson, 12 th edition Coursepack: Available @ EMU Bookstore, as is text. EMU Online/e- companion course website will be available. Your PowerPoint slides, assignments and grades will be posted there in separate folders in Doc Sharing. Overview The overall objective of this course is to provide you with a realistic, relevant, and thorough examination of the role of Human Resource Management in today’s organizations. Areas of discussion will include the HR function’s roles in the recruitment, selection & placement processes, training, development, compensation & benefits systems, equal employment & diversity issues, labor relations, and global HR issues. We will explore these same issues from the perspective of a line manager where appropriate. Emphasis will be placed upon the examination of these issues through case studies, exercises and additional research. Our textbook will serve as the basis of class discussions, our course pack as the basis of case and exercise in-class work, and therefore, it is important that you read each assignment before coming to class. Please bring the course pack to each class that has a CP assignment. I encourage you to read some business newspapers and magazines, and to speak up in class with examples you have read or examples from your job. Please remember that it is your responsibility to ask questions regarding materials you do not understand! Specific Course Objectives -- This course is designed to enable you to: • Have a general understanding of HRM and current issues; • Develop problem-solving skills and decision-making skills in HRM through the use of cases, exercises, videos, and speakers. • Develop knowledge about how task groups function; • Understand the profession of HR and its contribution to the strategic endeavors of organizations. Mgt 384 Syllabus – Winter 2010 2 Grading Three exams will account for 60% of the course grade. Short written group assignments (some or all done in class) will contribute 20%. An individual learning point paper will account for the final 20%. 3 exams 60% (20% each) Group Exercises 20% Learning Point Paper 20% Total 100% Approximate Grade Distribution: A 100-95 C 76-73 A- 94-90 C- 72-70 B+ 89-87 D+ 69-66 B 86-83 D 65-60 B- 82-80 E 59 & below C+ 79-77 Class Policies 1. All cell phones & pagers must be turned off before entering the classroom. Private conversations during classroom lecture or discussions are not allowed – they bother those near the people talking....
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This note was uploaded on 04/19/2010 for the course MGMT 24649 taught by Professor Denisem.tanguay during the Winter '10 term at Eastern Michigan University.

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MGT 384 - Human Resource Management Management 384 –Winter 2010 College of Business EASTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY Instructor Denise Tanguay Ph.D

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