Exp 3 - I sopentyl acetate Isopentyl acetate Acetic Acid...

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Isopentyl acetate Acetic Acid* Isopentyl alcohol* Sulfuric Acid Water by-products Isopentyl acetate Isopentyl alcohol Water (trace) by-products as salts Simple Distillation, Gas Chromatography. Preparation of Synthetic Banana Oil. 10/13/08 Tyler Argent Exp. 3 CH 237 Lehman, John W. Operational Organic Chemistry, (Exp. 5 p.46 in text) I. Pre-Lab: (Attached) II. Experiment Notes and Observations: (Refer to Pre-Lab) Reaction(s): REACION MIXTURE Acetic acid Isopentyl alcohol Sulfuric acid Reflux | Wash Aqueous Layers______________________________Organic Layer Acetic acid Sulfuric acid Water Dry ______________________________________
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Water – as hydrate Isopentyl acetate Isopentyl alcohol by-products Distill ______________________________________________ Isopentyl alcohol Isopentyl acetate by-products *unreacted starting materials Figure 5.1 Flow diagram for the synthesis of isopentyl acetate III. Results: Table of Reagents Compound MW (g/mol) Amount Used (mL) Moles Used (mol) Physical Constants Acetic Acid 60.1 g/mol 17.0 mL 0.30 mol Corrosive b.p. = 118°C d = 1.049 g/mL H20 18.0 g/mol 50.0 mL 2.78 mol Isopentyl Acetate 130.2 g/mol Irritant b.p. = 142°C d = 0.876 g/mL Isopentyl Alcohol 88.1 g/mol 16.2 mL 0.15 mol Irritant b.p. = 130°C d = 0.815 g/mL Sulfuric Acid 98.1 g/mol 1.00 mL 0.02 mol Corrosive b.p. = 290°C d = 1.84 g/mL Theoretical Yield: .15 moles X 130.2 g/mol = 19.53 g Isopentyl Acetate Actual Yield: - Amount of Isopentyl Acetate: 19mL 19mL(.876g/mL)= 16.6 g 16.6g/19.53g x 100= 85.2% -b.p. range of isopentyl acetate: 128C- 135C
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Exp 3 - I sopentyl acetate Isopentyl acetate Acetic Acid...

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