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Taylor Collins 5 - Taylor Collins Preperation of Synthetic...

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Taylor Collins “Preperation of Synthetic Banana Oil” Lehman, John W. Operational Organic Chemistry ( Exp. 5, pg. 70) - Pre Lab and Observations : Attached - Results : 2/12/2009 Taylor Collins Isopentyl Acetate 9.75 grams 95C- 125C Theoretical Yield: .15 moles X 130.2 g/mol = 19.53grams of Isopentyl Acetate Actual Yield: (9.75g/19.53g)*100 = 50% Boiling Point Range: 95C-125C IR: An infrared spectrum of the product revealed that it was isopentyl acetate. A peak around 1750 indicated the presence of a carbonyl group. The peak around 1050 indicated a C-O-C bond. The peak at 2950 was indicative of alkane –CH2 groups, and the peak around 1400 indicated alkane bonds which include an isopropyl split. - Discussion : The problem of the experiment is that the Cavendish Distilling Company no longer has a supply of bananas due to a recent hurricane. Banana flavoring must be synthesized as a temporary solution. Synthetic banana flavorings are formulated mainly from Isopentyl acetate, with smaller amounts of other esters. Esters can be prepared economically by a process called the Fischer esterfication, which involves the combination of heating a carboxylic acid such as acetic acid with an alcohol in the presence of an acid catalyst. One problem with this method is that Fischer esterfications
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Taylor Collins 5 - Taylor Collins Preperation of Synthetic...

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