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Richard Morris Lab 4 - Richard Morris CH 237 02(Wed...

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Richard Morris CH 237 – 02 (Wed) Preparation of Synthetic Banana Oil Lehman, John W. Operational Organic Chemistry . Experiment 5 (p. 70) Results: 1. Theoretical Yield: .15 moles * 130.2 g/mol = 19.53g Isopentyl Acetate 2. Percent Yield: 10.01g (10.01g/19.53)*100 = 51.25% 3. Boling Range: 136 °C - 140 °C 4. The ratio of Isopentyl Acetate to Isopentyl Alcohol is 28.37:1 (Determined using an area of 84848 divided by an area of 2991) Discussion: 1. According to the stated scenario, a distilling company ran low on natural banana extract and contracted this lab to create a synthetic alternative. Isopentyl acetate is the primary ingredient in synthetic banana oils, and it can be produced through an esterification reaction between acetic acid and isopentyl alcohol. This reaction was achieved by heating these two reagents under reflux with a proton source, in this case sulfuric acid. Because the reaction is reversible, with an equilibrium constant of 4.2, a 100% excess of acetic acid was used to push the reaction further towards the product, isopentyl acetate. A criterion of the contract was that the final isopentyl acetate solution be no more than 2% acetic acid. The removal of acetic acid involved washing the solution with water, and extracting the aqueous layer which contained dissolved acetic acid and remaining sulfuric acid. The solution was then washed with sodium bicarbonate, which converted the acids to their water soluble salts, forming another aqueous layer and allowing further removal of acetic acid and sulfuric acid. Water was
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Richard Morris Lab 4 - Richard Morris CH 237 02(Wed...

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