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sophia marketing - services by implementing a mix of...

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My services to the company would be to add break rooms to all floors and market the building. Adding break rooms would be important especially when the building attains more employees. More room will be needed and with one break room there will not be enough space. Having more space in the building when possible tenants stop by for a quick view is important. This would also save time when on lunch. When you have more space in a building, you tend to be more comfortable. Internet marketing allows you to reach the prospects that are searching for your products or
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Unformatted text preview: services, by implementing a mix of multiple tools to communicate with your target audience. Having a website, social engine optimization, videos, email marketing, blog and social media marketing are a must have in business growth today. Neither the additional break room nor marketing would take any money from the businesses. There are enough people in the business that can help with the graphic designs, web site, etc. Having the marketing will bring more business and even tenants, which will keep both business owners and building owner happy in the end....
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