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Sexual Violence Project

Sexual Violence Project - Timothy Gurtler HPS-1040 Sexual...

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Timothy Gurtler HPS-1040 Sexual Violence Project Prof. Surrency November, 14 2007 Kill You! The song “Kill You” by Eminem is a rap song that I heard one day riding around in a friend’s car. I decided to download it later to listen to it. It starts out kind of soft – but soon picks up tempo and aggressiveness. The main verse that is repeated throughout the song is “B*tch, I’ma kill you!” There are many lines that are sexually degrading to women as well: “Girls leave - you ain't nuttin but a slut to me […] B*tches too! You ain't nuttin but a girl to me,” are among the milder verses. These kinds of lyrics promote different responses. At first glance, most young men get into the beat and aggressiveness of the song then later realize what is actually being said. If you hear this song more than a few times you start to despise it and its message. A woman on the other hand, probably would react negatively towards the first playing of this song. This song, however, is not written for women. The target audience for a piece like “Kill You” is young male adults. It pumps up a lot of teenagers who believe that the world is on their shoulders, but it does not give them a proper outlet for their problems. I think that everyone who sat and listened to this song long enough would agree this kind of music is not healthy – but that does not change the fact that it is out there and it is popular. That is the real scary thing.
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