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Class Assignment 1

Class Assignment 1 - topic organize a health information...

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Class Assignment 1 What: Participate in a health promotion project or activity that is designed to impact the health of others and write a 1-page, typed reaction paper about the experience. The paper must have a cover sheet with name and e-mail address, 1-inch margins and 1.5 pt spacing. Students working on a project together may submit one paper. The paper must contain the following elements: what was done, why the project or activity was chosen; how it impacts the health of others; and how it impacted you. When: Due Date is 10/22/07 . If you participate in the AIDS Walk, due date is extended until 10/24. How: You can participate in a project developed by you or by others. Project examples include: organize a letter writing campaign or petition drive to voice your opinion about a health
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Unformatted text preview: topic organize a health information presentation for a campus group participate in a volunteer project such as Hands on Atlanta Day (10/6 – http://www.handsonatlanta.org ) or the Atlanta Community Food Bank ( http://www.acfb.org ) or check out the projects at the GT MOVE Office ( http://www.move.gatech.edu/ ) participate in a walk/run/race designed to increase awareness/funding about a health issue o Race Against Domestic Violence ( http://www.RaceAgainstDV2007.com ) o Atlanta AIDS walk/run ( http://walk.aidatlanta.org ) o Other listings of walks in Atlanta community ( http://www.atlantatrackclub.org )...
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