Design a diet fall 07 - HPS1040: Nutrition Group Project...

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HPS1040: Nutrition Group Project Fall 2007 Nutrition Project HPS 1040 Fall 2007 Introduction The purpose of this group project is for students to demonstrate the ability to apply the principles of good nutrition to daily meal planning. Students will work in groups of TWO to develop a 2-day diet . Project Details Project Due Date: September 19th, 2007 -- Unstapled and/or late projects will NOT be accepted. The entire project is worth 5% of your final grade. Each part of the project is worth the indicated points (see below) out of 100. Section I : Cover Page (5 points) The cover page must include each person’s name and e-mail address. It must be stapled to the front of the project Section II: Diet Plan (80 points) Each group is required to develop a two-day diet plan based on the criteria listed below. Each day in the diet plan should be unique, with limited repeat of items between days. Use Form A3 for each day. Answers must be typed. To find nutritional information on commonly consumed foods, visit the following websites: 1. What’s in the Foods You Eat -- 2. USDA Nutritive Values of Food -- 3. Nutritional Analysis Tool -- The diet should meet the following criteria:
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Design a diet fall 07 - HPS1040: Nutrition Group Project...

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