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fall_2007_syllabus - HPS 1040 Health Concepts Strategies...

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HPS 1040 Health Concepts & Strategies Fall 2007 Instructor: Heather Hepler Surrency, MPH Office: Room 104, SST Weber Building 1 (located at 281 Ferst Dr. [satellite dish in front of building]) Phone: 404-385-2339 E-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: By appointment Text: Select Chapters from Core Concepts in Health for Georgia Tech, 10 th ed. Update (07) , Insel & Roth Course Objectives : 1. To understand the concept and dimensions of wellness and the scientific basis upon which health guidelines are founded. 2. To understand the relationship between diet, exercise and weight management in achieving wellness. 3. To identify select chronic diseases and learn appropriate steps to help prevent their occurrence. 4. To identify and understand select mental and physical health issues affecting college students. 5. To understand the personal responsibility required for good health and well being. 6. To understand the value of a healthy lifestyle and the application of wellness principles now and throughout your life. Course Requirements and Grading: 3 tests (worth 75% of grade) 2 quizzes (worth 12% of grade) Class assignments = 13% of grade o Nutrition assessment = 5% o Web survey 2% o 3 Class assignments (unannounced) = 6% Extra Credit – 5 points max Note: Make up exams, quizzes and class assignments are only given in cases of unplanned
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