nutrition statements fall 06

nutrition statements fall 06 - 10. T /F Fiber consumption...

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1. T/ F Water, carbohydrates and alcohol are all macronutrients. 2. T /F A kilocalorie is the measure of the energy content in food. 3. T /F A kilocalorie is equal to the amount of heat that it takes to raise the temperature of 1 liter of water 1 ° C. 4. T /F Some cells in the brain, nervous system and blood use only carbohydrates for energy. 5. What is the primary function of dietary carbohydrates? Help you to shit. 6. T /F During high intensity exercise, muscles get most of their energy from protein. 7. T /F Unbleached wheat flour is an example of a whole grain
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8. T /F Diets rich in high glycemic index foods have been shown to increase a person’s risk of diabetes. 9. T/ F The desirable intake range for daily consumption of carbohydrates is 70-80% of diet.
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Unformatted text preview: 10. T /F Fiber consumption can lower a persons risk for heart disease. 11. T/ F Fiber is a type of protein. (Its a carbohydrate). 12. T/ F There are 20 essential amino acids that must be consumed in the diet. (20 are found, 9 are essential). 13. T /F There are plants that provide all the essential amino acids. (Soy). 14. T/ F Saturated Fat provides more calories than unsaturated fat. 15. T/ F The fat soluble vitamins are A, C., D, K. (A.D.E.,and K.). 16. T /F Fat is the major form of energy for the body during rest. 17. T/ F In terms of cardiovascular health, Trans-fats are healthier for the body than saturated fats. (Trans-fats are least healthy)....
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nutrition statements fall 06 - 10. T /F Fiber consumption...

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