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Sexual Violence Media Project – 2 points Identify at least one item in the mass media (movie, song, magazine picture, print article, website) in which sexual violence against another person is promoted or condoned. (Do not turn in articles that merely discuss the issue.) 1. Find item. It must be turned in for credit. (for example, magazine page, song lyrics, screen shots, etc.) 2. Answer the following questions about the item. Submit typed answers to instructor with item. Answers should be in paragraph format. a. What is the item and where did you find it? b. Were you familiar with this item? If you so, did you think of it in terms of promoting or condoning violence? c. What about this item do you think promotes or condones sexual violence? (If you are using a video clip, explain the setting or plot.)
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Unformatted text preview: d. What reaction do you have to this item? What do you think would be the reaction of the typical male? What do you think would be the reaction of the typical female? e. How do you think this item influences its target population, such as teenagers, college students, etc.? Sexual Violence is a general term that includes behaviors such as sexual harassment, incest and childhood sexual abuse, and sexual exploitation, in addition to those behaviors commonly captured by the terms “rape” or “sexual assault.” In these terms, sexually violent behavior can be physical, emotional, verbal, or a combination, and can occur within a pre-existing relationship or between strangers. In situations of sexual violence, the person committing the act has power over the other(s)....
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