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2_testnotes - Test 2 HTS 1031 Lecture 4.1 Decline of Spain...

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Test 2 – HTS 1031 Lecture 4.1 Decline of Spain and Rise of England 1588 Spain sends armada to conquer England. Spain, unable to get the fast English ships, is hurt by fire ships, but is almost destroyed when they get blown off course to the Article Circle. Then a hurricane hits them of the coast of Ireland on their home to Spain. o Their ships were slower and fought land-war on sea. They would grapple with ships to take them over. o Losing their armada wasn’t that important. Treasure/taxes enable them to build a bigger one in a few years. Spanish monarchy was made up of many nationalities. They had a vast empire. Spain wanted to attack with ferrying troops from Flanders. o Their ships were slower and fought land-war on sea. They would grapple with ships to take them over. Defeat of Spain At war with France – fighting in Italy. Won that war, but drained their resources. (France had 20 million people, Spain 10 million). They were pirated by England. They were fighting Holland, Northern Netherlands, who were revolting. (30 years war really lasted 80 years). Eventually they lost They were at war with everyone! Turks had a huge fleet – Spain defeated their fleet. o Bottom line – Spain was at war too much. 30 Years War Starts in Bohemia – near where Hus was from. o Page 156. o France was catholic but fought against Spain with German Lutheran Princes. 2 Revolts in Spain Union of Arms o Count Duke Olivares – “Tax everyone equally in all providences.” Produced series of revolts o 1640 – Revolt of Catalonia (is subdued) o 1640 – Revolt of Portugal (breaks away) SPAIN IS WEAKENED TO A 3 RD RATE COUNTRY Overview Spanish Intolerance Expulsion of Jews (1492) o Largest and most vibrant Jewish population. “Convivencia” – ability to live together – ends in 1480s Blackdeath is blamed on Jews o “Pogroms” – attacks on Jewish communities or Jews
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“Conversos” – converts from Judaism to Christianity. Marriage of Ferdinand and Isabella: o Uneasiness because Ferdinand’s connection with conversos. They expelled remaining Jews (150,000) not converses. “Moriscos” – The Muslims are forced to convert. o They are abused. Can’t hold property, certain jobs. o They revolt! o 1607-1609 – 300,000 Muslims are expelled. Decline of Valencia and other states due to intolerance. “Cut off nose despite its face!” o Intolerance Hurt Spain War of the Comuneros Charles I (Charles V)– King of Spain 1516 doesn’t speak Spanish. He was never liked. He wants to be Holy Roman Emperor Charles V – but he needed more money to campaign and pay off countries. Starts a war because Spanish parliament (Cortes) revolts to the taxes. o War of the towns of Castil (“War of the Comuneros”) o They win and demand “No taxation without representation.” o Juan Padilla is leader of revolt. But he is murdered. They lose their ability to keep monarchy in check.
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