01-19-2010, Tuesday

01-19-2010, Tuesday - Classic Mythology Myths of Creation:...

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Unformatted text preview: Classic Mythology Myths of Creation: The origins of mortals Tuesday, January 19, 2010 • Zeus is the ruler of the World o Hesiod’s Theogony o Ingres, 1811: Zeus and Thetis • What about human beings? o Where did we come from? o Why are we here? o Why are we different from animals? o Why do we suffer? o (What happens to us when we die?) • Hesiod account of creation of men o For once, when Gods and mortals were gathered to feast at Mecone o Mortals = men • Prometheus at Mecone o Prometheus offered sacrifice bundles to Zeus and asked which Zeus preferred o Etiological Myth o Bones wrapped in shinning fat vs yummy bits wrapped in awful stomach remains o Reason why Gods always get nasty bits. • Prometheus (Titan) o Prometheus (means Fore Learner) is equivalent to folktale character- the trickster who likes to outwit the powerful o Brother to Epimetheus (means After Learner) • Prometheus: Maker of Mortals o Ovid (Roman Writer): Very late account Approx. 700 years after Hesiod. o Made men from earth and water (divine seed) o ‘The other beasts, four-footed, gated at the eart… but man was given a posture … (incomplete)’ • Creation of Man o While first creation of man from clay or mud appear late in Greco-Roman mythology, earlier inspirations and parallels: Old near Eastern story version of which is in Genesis 2.4 (God makes man from dust and breath) … (incomplete) • Berthelemy: Prometheus creating man in the presence of Athena. • Prometheus: Benefactor of Mortals o Aeschylus Prometheus Bound (c. 430 BC) o Gifts of Prometheus to mankind: Mathematics, astronomy, harvesting, building, seafaring, writing, calendar, medicine, … (incomplete) •...
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01-19-2010, Tuesday - Classic Mythology Myths of Creation:...

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