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01-28-2010, Thursday - Istarte Somerian • Temple...

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Classic Mythology Female Deities Thursday, January 28, 2010 E-Learning over weekend Female Olympians o Demeter ( agriculture ) o Hestia ( virgin, household ) o Aphrodite ( love and sex ) o Athena ( virgin, practical, wisdom, war ) o Artemis ( virgin, mistress of animals ) Demeter o Next Week Hestia ( Hearth ) o Roman Vesta ( Vestal Virgins ) o Eldest Child of Cronus and Rhea (first swallowed, last disgorged) o Fireplace, protectress of the house and central sacred fire of the city. o Virgin goddess ( honor instead of marriage ) Aphrodite o Connections with Eastern Fertility Deities: Ishtar: Assyrian, Babylonian
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Unformatted text preview: Istarte: Somerian • Temple Prostitutes: Aphrodte at Corinth o Women had to wait for men to pay for sex, and then they were allowed to marry. • Children of Aphrodite o Aphrodite + Ares = Eros o Aphrodite + Hermes = Hermaphroditus o Aphrodite + Hermes(Dionysus?) = Priapus o Aphrodite + Anchises = Aeneas • Hermaphroditus o Nymph Salmacis fell in love with him, asks Gods to unite their bodies forever into one. As a result bodies conserve both female and male extreme similarities. o Means both female and male • Priapus...
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