2-4-2010 and quiz - Thursday 02/04/2010, CLT 3370 Notes...

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Thursday 02/04/2010, CLT 3370 Notes Dionysus Dionysus God of wine; the life force; male fertility Birth Followers; worship The Bacchae (Shown: Him with a giant phallus, reminders of him as a god of fertility. So many benefits.) Semele (his mother) Father was Zeus. He bragged to his mother, a human, that he was Zeus. [Guess he was.] Some nurse comes into the household (Hera, wife of Zeus, in disguise. Jealous as usual.) Nurse is like, yo, how u know he is Zeus? Semele is like, hrm, maybe hes just saying that cuz he wants a little somethin somethin. Nurse (Hera), tells Semele to ask Zeus to appear before her in his normal form, the form he uses around the other gods. Semele asks for a favor, Zeus is like oh, ok, I promise by the river stix that I will. Shes like show me it. Zeus is like well crap, u asked for it [he knows it’ll burn her, but he promised] Zeus shows her, burns her to death b/c hes a god and mortals aren’t supposed to see his full glory. Their unborn baby (Dionysis) gets snatched from the womb while shes like burning to death….[seriously] Zeus takes baby and sows him onto his thigh [seriously] until he is born again (Dionysis), hence his name “twice born”. (Shown: Picture of small man attached to big sitting man, Zeus. Small man has decanter, prob baby’s alcohol.) Dionysus then goes off wandering in the east after he is born (Hera had something to do with it), driven mad [by his wine? Hera?] (he is helped by Cybele in general) Dionysus now leads his Bacchae (Bacchante, Thyiades, or maenads) [Train of people / followers, crazy folk, seriously wacked out sob’s] Also in his train [of people] –> Satyrs, Silenus (Sileni), goat dudes, google it. (Told: His followers can go in a frenzy and go weird and crazy. Tear up animals in this state [don’t
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2-4-2010 and quiz - Thursday 02/04/2010, CLT 3370 Notes...

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