2-9-2010 - CLT Class Lecture Notes Tuesday Today...

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CLT Class Lecture Notes: Tuesday, February 09, 2010 Today: Dionysus (Finish), The Underworld, Guest Lecture Dionysus notes continued Dude from end of Thur’s notes being torn apart A messenger reports that Pentheus was killed by the Bacchantes He was pulled down from a tree and torn to pieces His own mother, Agave, pulled off his head Agave comes on stage with the head on her thyrsus She is sown by Cadmus what she has done Youtube Video shown (National Theatre of Scotland promo for The Bacchae) Dionysus, God of Tragedy and Comedy Aristophanes, The Frogs : Dionyysus goes to the underworld to get favorite tragedian, Euripides [He finds some other dude that he likes down there, has contest to see which one of the two he will take back] After contest, comes back with Aeschylus instead Dionysus depicted as cowardly and effeminate (especially in contrast with Heracles) [Heracles shows Dionysus how to survive underworld. Manly man shows feminine Dio how to do stuff down there] THE UNDERWORLD The Afterlife [explained] Common people --- eidolon (image, shade) bodiless breath [No proper burial, u become shade, bad existence] Ghosts (some good, some bad) Eleusinian Mysteries Mythology The Underworld and its inhabitants; Elysium Famous trips to the Underworld [People who came back that is] Heracles Odysseus Orpheus Aeneas Myth of Er (Plato) [Not a myth in the true sense] Hermes Psychopompos (Shown: Vase w/ black and white image featuring Demeter and that whole story etc that was covered last week) (Shown: Vase of Hermes leading Serpetus or whomever back home from death in Trojan war) Hades and Persephone Hades (‘The Unseen’) Pluto (‘The Enricher’) [b/c he is in charge of the minerals and crap in the earth] ‘The Receiver of Many’ ‘The Host of Many’ Temples/Sacrifices? [Did this dude get worshiped or get stuffs sacrificed for him? You aren’t going to get anything special from the god of death except…. Death. Who wants that?] (Shown: Hades from the Hercules Disney cartoon) [In the movie he is a bad guy, but in reality (myth) he isn’t. “He is just a part of life, nothing evil about it, he just is”] Underworld Landmarks Five Rivers Styx (Abdorent) – Main River; oath of gods Lethe (Oblivion) – important for Aeneas’ trip [Remember these two names] Tartarus
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Erebus Elysium/Elysian Fields (Vergil’s account gives the most organized geography; very influential for Dante) Famous Underworld Residents Charon (Ferryman) Cerberus (Three headed dogs) Erinyes (Furies etc, talked about before The Judges of the underworld [don’t have to remember names] Minos, Rhadymanthus, Aeacus The Damned [Famous sinners etc] Tityus (Leto) [Attempted to rape Leto, hence punished in underworld] Ixion Exercies in frustration: Tantalus (Pelops), Sisyphus, Danaids
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2-9-2010 - CLT Class Lecture Notes Tuesday Today...

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