2-16-2010 - Tuesday CLT notes Heroic Myth Gilgamesh Perseus...

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Tuesday 02/16/2010 CLT notes – Heroic Myth: Gilgamesh, Perseus and Guest lecture Announcements Midterm: Thursday Feb 25 th (Lectures running about 1 day behind schedule) 30 multiple choice or T/F questions Will not see same questions as on quizzes (may see similar questions) Images on e-learning Guest lectures may appear Make sure u put code on scantron Introduction to Heroic Legend (What are other 2 types of myth?) Humans are the protagonists, not gods Narrative about events in the human, not divine, past “Hero” Homer: Noble-born male who’s alive (Though they have concept of past ‘heroes’ too) (said: Heroes must live up to their father’s deeds) Later: Noble figure from the distant past ‘Hero worship’ Often worshipped as local, minor gods at tombs Epic of Gigamesh Prototypical hero Gilgamesh king of Uruk in Mesopotamia (2600 BC) [“red names you need to know”] Arrogant king who tormented own people (Said: People asked gods for help) Aruru (mother of the gods) makes Enkidu , a wild man Enkidu tamed and ‘made wise’ by sex (Adam and Eve) (Said: Gilgamesh sent out a prostitute to dude living in the woods, “That’ll fix em”, so he did her and then he was like, damn, I’m not living in the wild anymore.) Enkidu challenges Gilgamesh; becomes his new BFF! OMG! [quote unquote, no joke] (Said: They had wrestling match and like totally fell in love with each other, no homo) Gilgamesh rejects advances of Ishtar (Said: Ishtar had hots for him apparently) Ishtar has Bull of Heaven sent to punish Gilgamesh Enkidu dies from illness (had offended the gods) (Gilgamesh doesn’t believe he died, stays next to body for 7 days or something, until he sees maggot crawl out of Enkidu’s nose, then gives it up, proclaims he is dead, surprise) Gilgamesh seeks immortality, then restoration of youth (after seeing his friend die) Advice: “Give this up, seriously, go drink booze, live ur life etc” Gilgamesh – STAR TREK TIME Star Trek: The Next Generation – “Darmok” Picard and alien captain try to communicate Picard explains Gilgamesh (Said: Aliens use phrases from Gilgamesh to communicate with each other…) (Said: They get together and go fight some monster on some planet) (Shown: Youtube clip of this episode) Folktale Motifs and Heroic Myths (Shown: Table) Partly Divine birth Miraculous birth and childhood
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Great strength is a benefit and menace A male BFF Fall under enemy’s power of spells Breaks a taboo Is tempted by dangerous woman Responsible for friend’s death The quest Help from gods Return home, accepts limitations
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2-16-2010 - Tuesday CLT notes Heroic Myth Gilgamesh Perseus...

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