2-23-2010 - CLT Notes for Tuesday 02/23/2010 Heracles and...

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CLT Notes for Tuesday 02/23/2010 – Heracles and Theseus Midterm Reminders Midterm scheduled for in-class Thurs 25 th (lectures running about 1 day behind schedule) 30 multiple choice or T/F questions Will not see same questions as on quizzes (may see similar questions) Don’t forget to study images in E-learning (2-3 Questions) Don’t forget to study notes for guest lectures (1 question from each guest lecture) Don’t forget to put your exam code on the scantron Study Tips Go over BOLD terms in the textbook (aka ‘key names and terms’ at end of each chapter) Go over lecture notes Some things not in textbook Advice on unnecessary information (e.g., details of Gilgamesh story, details of Zagreus story, these are examples of what you shouldn’t really focus on too much [check my previous notes, I highlighted the ones you need to know]) Images (in e-learning) used in lectures (2-3 Questions) To test yourself – Textbook website Objectives for each chapter Study Guide multiple choice questions Heracles (Continued) The twelve labors (will only focus on a few of these[I highlighted which ones previously] [check previous notes, I’m not typing all these out again] Cattle of Geryon Geryon He has 3 bodies and a two headed dog Doesn’t stop Heracles, gets cattle, goes back with his special ‘vessel’ (Shown: Relief of the triple bodied Geryon) Apples of the Hesperides (Shown: Women standing around with trees in the background) (Said: Tree is guarded by some serpent. Apples represent immortality.) (Shown: 3 women lounging around a fat tree [painting]) Apples = Immortality Hesperides: Daughters of Atlas Tree guarded by fierce serpent Ladon (Said: Heracles doesn’t want to go in killing and swinging, so he goes and asks for some help from Atlas. [dude that holds the world on his shoulders, but more correct would be that he holds up the sky for punishment, as he is a titan who fought Zeus. ]) (Shown: Stone relief of Heracles holding up sky in a stone relief, Athena helping him a bit) (Said: Atlas will help him, Heracles just has to hold up the sky for him. Atlas gets some and then says ‘Oh boy, I do not want sky thing back, u hold’. So Heracles is like damn, but ok, I’ll hold it if you just hold it for a sec to let me adjust my cushion. Atlas does, Heracles leaves.) Cerberus (Said: Heracles is allowed to take Cerberus by Hades, if he doesn’t use any weapons. So Heracles wrestles and leeches Cerberus. Brings dog up, dude hides in jar. Shown: That same old image of the dude hiding in a jar and Heracles holding 3 headed dog) Heracles is done now, but he can’t stay out of trouble… In Trouble Again: Xenia Heracles has someone comes and visit Heracles, he gets annoyed and just kills them. Violates the sacred law of guest hospitality or some crap.
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Heracles has to repent or something, so he goes to go see the Dephi prophet, she won’t speak to
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2-23-2010 - CLT Notes for Tuesday 02/23/2010 Heracles and...

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