3-2-2010 - CLT Notes for Tuesday, 03/02/2010: Myths of...

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CLT Notes for Tuesday, 03/02/2010: Myths of Crete. Myths of Crete Crete in Greek mythology Crete (remember the Minoans and Mycenaeans)? [from beginning of the class] Elements of M/M culture in myths of Crete Crete very powerful Bull Europa and the bull Pasiphaë and the Cretan bull Labyrinth Theseus and the Minotaur [his most famous feat] Mother-goddess worship (?) [Teacher is can be skeptical about this there stuff] Ariadne (Shown: Map, Crete is south of greek mainland, it is an island.) (Shown: Earlier slides showing ages/dates of when Crete was around (Early/middle bronze age.) [Don’t have to know, I’m not typing it all out.] (Said: Why is it called ‘Minoan’? B/c of some mythical king) The Labyrinth Aerial view of excavated portion of Knossos (Shown: That aerial view) 1 st palace destroyed by fire; this one begun 1700 [don’t have to know date] Residences, workshops, storerooms (‘palace economy’) Political, economic, administrative, religious center for kingdom. Who lives in the Labyrinth? [Minotaur] (Shown: [floor]Plan of Knossos) Evan’s Reconstructions [shown in previous lectures before] (Shown: Some of those reconstructions.) (Shown: Some more crap we’ve seen before in prev. lectures about the reconstructions) Features of Knossos Covered over 3.2 acres 2-3 stories high Basements Light and air wells Drainage system with running water Brightly painted Written records kept Mycenaean (1600-1150 BC) Ruled by powerful and rich warrior kings Probably the ones talked about in the Homer stories. (Shown: The Megaron (Pylos)) [Some center room] Large rectangular hall: ceremonial center of Mycenaean palace In middle: large, raised circular hearth, flanked by four colums. Their writing system: Linear B Translated in 1952; proved to be an early form of Greek Adapted from (still undeciphered) linear A [More stuff we’ve talked about, she skipped over it too quickly] Goddess worship? Did they worship a mother goddess? [talked about before] Gods on tablets Names of male deities Zeus, Hera, Poseidon and even Dionysus
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(Said: Dionysus was a late coming god, so this should tell u some crap, like how this proves that Dionysus didn’t come from the east) Archaeology and Cretan Myth Minoan Religion
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3-2-2010 - CLT Notes for Tuesday, 03/02/2010: Myths of...

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