3-4-2010 - CLT Notes for Thursday 03/04/2010: Myths of...

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CLT Notes for Thursday 03/04/2010: Myths of Thebes, part 1 Announcements Midterm exam and key Will post in e-learning by tomorrow morning If you didn’t score as well as you had hoped, go over exam/key See me in office hours if you have questions (after break) Thebes Next two lectures will cover Thebes Agenor sends sons to look for Europa Pheonix stays near home = Phoenicia [Not the same Phoenix as in Illiad] Cilix goes to southern Turkey = Cilicia Cadmus goes to Thebes = Cadmeia Cadmus looking for Europa Cadmus goes to Dephi [Goes to get advice from the oracle there] “Follow the cow with the special mark and found your city where she rest” Cow is found, they follow the cow, cow moos and lies down so there they will settle. Time to sacrifice the cow. His men go to draw water for sacrifice Spring is sacred to Ares – and has a guardian Guardian is a serpent [Teacher reiterates that this is not a dragon] Cadmus and the Serpent (Said: Men do not come back, so Cadmus grabs his spear goes to check up on his men. They have some really large extended battle. Shown: Vase painting of Cadmus with a water pitcher, Athena helping Cadmus out and Ares watching with his daughter Harmony.) Athena advises him to sow the serpent’s teeth They arise from the ground [armed warriors rise out of the ground from the planted teeth] (Said: The warriors start to fight each other, telling Cadmus that this is a fight between brother and not to interfere) They fight until only five are left They are the Spartoi : Ancestors of aristocratic Thebans (Said: This has nothing to do with Sparta even though it sounds familiar. Shown: Cheezy
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3-4-2010 - CLT Notes for Thursday 03/04/2010: Myths of...

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