3-16-2010 - CLT Notes for Tuesday Oedipus the King&...

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Unformatted text preview: CLT Notes for Tuesday, March 16, 2010. Oedipus the King & background to Jason and the Argonauts Oedipus the King & Background to Jason and the Argonauts The Oracle to Laius “Your son will kill you and marry your wife” His efforts to avoid Jocasta failed one night [while drunk] A son is born Baby Oedipus Laius and Jocasta mutilate the feet of the child and give him to a shepherd to expose on the mountain [I.e. to let the kid live w/o getting their hands dirtay] Shepherd instead gives it to a friend on the other side of Mt. Cithaeron The child is adopted by the king and queen of Corinth They name him “swollen foot”: Oedipus Youth of Oedipus Friends taunt him He goes to Dephi The Pythia recoils at his sight and tells him of his fate Oedipus resolves never to return to Corinth, heads toward Thebes On the way, he kills all but on of a train of men [some rich man, beats Oedipus with a stick, that did something to offend him probably] Oedipus at Thebes Sphinx plagues Thebes Oedipus solves the riddle Becomes king and gets the queen as his wife [his mom, surprise] They have children: • Polynices and… [other important names, see previous lecture notes, I outlined and highlighted their names there] Thebes and the plague Thebes later struck by a plague Oedipus must find out what has offended the gods Oedipus the King [Or Oedipus Tyrannos / Oedipus Rex] Oedipus questions Tiresias [The same old prophet as all the other stories etc] The plague is caused by the pollution of Laius’ murder; the perpetrator is still in Thebes (Shown: YouTube video [“Oedipus part 3/12”] of the 1984 Production of Oedipus the King: Part shown is from when Oedipus curses the killer of Laius) [Some seriously weird video, sluriously weird] Oedipus summons Tiresias; Tiresias refuses to identify the murderer of Laius [Tiresias knows] Oedipus accuses Tiresias Tiresias: YOU are the one you seek [Tiresias storms off after getting angry, Mr. O doesn’t believe him.] Messenger from Corinth: The king of Corinth is dead [He comes running in] Oedipus: Thank god the oracle was wrong about killing my father! [Doesn’t care about father who raised him..?] But I don’t want to return to Corinth – its still possible I might marry my mother Messenger: No worries! They weren’t your real parents! [Heyho!] Oedipus: Huh? Messenger: I myself gave you as an infant to the King and Queen. I got you from some shepherd on Mt. Cithaeron!...
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3-16-2010 - CLT Notes for Tuesday Oedipus the King&...

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