3-23-2010 - CLT Notes for March 23 rd , 2010. Jason and...

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Unformatted text preview: CLT Notes for March 23 rd , 2010. Jason and Medea, Calydonian Boar Hunt, Iliad Background & Guest Lec. Jason and the Golden Fleece (finish up) Wrapping up the Jason story Hera’s revenge is complete, but the people of Iolcus banish Jason and Medea; they go to Corinth. (Shown: Vase showing pot w/ young lamb, recall story) Jason and Medea in Corinth Jason and Medea live happily in Corinth for a while – have two sons Euripides’s Medea based from around now Jason trades up to trophy wife; Medea not content to join “First Wives’ Club” • (Said: Medea is a very powerful witch, a very barbaric, passionate and chaotic woman [read: normal woman] that won’t take this laying down) Jason decides to marry Glauce, daughter of King Creon of Corinth Creon banishes Medea (she asks for a day to get her affairs in order however) Jason tries to “reason” with Medea • You’re living in urbane, sophisticated Greece instead of that hick backwater you call home, aren’t you? Medea’s revenge and escape [Uses said day requested to get revenge] • (Said: She gives gift to new bride [Glauce], a new crown and robe, when new bride wears them, flames shoot out of the crown and robe. The robe binds to her skin and when she tries to take off the robe, she takes off part of her skin. Only her father, Creon is willing to approach her, he touches her skin, he gets poisoned [guess it was poisoned and flame cursed or whatever] and both daughter and father die. Kills her sons, manages to get away on flying serpent chariot.) [Has chariot b/c she is a powerful witch and b/c she is a granddaughter of Helios] Jason dies an inglorious death as an old man [Something about falling asleep under the Argo by the beach. Argo is old, decaying, piece falls on him, hits head, boom dead.] Medea + Aegeus => • Medea escapes after trying to kill Theseus ♦ Goes back home • Medus of Calchis (eponym of the Medes – Persians) ♦ Medus = son of Medea • Still in the Elysian Fields with Achilles? ♦ (Said: In some versions she ends up marries to Achilles. Never get to hear about any punishment about her crimes, guess she is let off the hook or something.) Medea: Sorceress and Wife Greek witches, like Circe and Medea, often beautiful and seductive Is she a goddess? (Said: She has powers and other stuff like the gods) In Euripides’ play, Medea is especially vulnerable • A social comment on the status of women (?) ♦ He has been praised as a champion and as someone who puts women down. [dude who wrote the play that is] • ‘it is better to be in the front line of battle three times to give birth once’. [This quote was on the quiz LAST lecture. Prof makes a joke about us knowing this on the quiz…] She is also dangerous and uncontrollable Calydonian Boar Hunt (Another *all-star* event) [w/o Mario] Aetolia (Region in Greece that today’s story takes place in) Meleager Son of king and queen of Calydon...
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3-23-2010 - CLT Notes for March 23 rd , 2010. Jason and...

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