3-25-2010 - CLT Notes for Trojan War Trojan War The...

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CLT Notes for 03/25/2010: Trojan War Trojan War The Gathering Menelaus appeals to Agamemnon Odysseus resists going Calchas says Troy won’t fall without Achilles (False start at Aulis, Telephus episode – will skip) Odysseus [tries to get out of military service] Odysseus pretends to be mad Palamedes foils his plan (Said: Odysseus is sowing a field with salt with a plow pulled by a cow and a donkey at the same time. Palamedes puts Odysseus’ infant son and puts it in front of the plow. If Odysseus was really mad, he wouldn’t veer out of the way. He did, Odysseus goes to war, gets revenge later on Palamedes) Odysseus’ infant son – Telemachus Achilles (Son of Peleus and Thetis) Educated by Chiron Thetis hides him on Scyros Achilles’ heel story (Said: Paris with help from Apollo, shot arrow into Achilles’ heel to kill him. Achilles got dipped into the river Stix by Thetis to make him immortal, holding him above the water by only his ankle.) Choice of Achilles Long, prosperous but anonymous life Or… Short, glorious life and remembered forever [As in the movie, if you’ve seen it] Achilles is discovered by the Greek leaders. Something about some dude posing about a merchant to offer pretty clothes or a sword and shield to the women that are hiding Achilles as a girl. Achilles chooses sword instead of clothes, thus he is revealed. He had fathered a son while hiding there, which becomes important later.
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3-25-2010 - CLT Notes for Trojan War Trojan War The...

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