3-30-2010 - CLT Notes for Tuesday, 03/30/2010. Trojan War...

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Announcement Optional makeup quiz To be given same day as final (Tues. 4/20, 3 weeks from now) Same day as final exam. Will be CUMULATIVE; 10 questions multiple choice Will replace lowest quiz grade Intended for those students who have missed two quizzes due to illness or other unavoidable absence Students who’ve missed three quizzes will have to live with one zero grade More than what should be expected, so please be APPRECIATEIVE and don’t whine for more “You have nothing to lose by taking this quiz.” Trojan War “Meanwhile, back at Troy…” Hector and Andromache Hector’s scene with his wife Andromache and their infant son, Astyanax (Said: Wife asks him to stay inside, he cannot, they talk plainly about the wife and infant being a slave. Actually it ends up worse.) This scene, and others, suggest that Homer was very sympathetic with the fate of Troy and its warriors What happens to Andromache and Astyanax after war? (Said: Andromache actually does become a slave and Astyanax gets dropped off the side of the Troy walls.) Paris-Menelaus duel Does Menelaus die? Menelaus doesn’t get killed in Homer’s version, he goes back home etc, is prominent character in the Odyssey Who rescued Paris? He does get rescued in Homer’s version though. Aphrodite rescues Paris from the battlefield. Aphrodite whisks Paris off the battlefield, Aphrodite vs. Helen. [Aphrodite tells Helen whats up, tells her to get busy with Paris or else…] Trojans are winning (why?) Because Zeus is on the Trojan’s side. Hera distracts Zeus from the fighting With a little help from Aphrodite and seduces Zeus. After seduction, Zeus goes to sleep. Remember hieros gamos? (Term means ‘sacred marriage’) Aristeia of Diomedes With Athena’s help, wounds Aphrodite and wounds Ares as well. (Said: Athena drops Diomedes’ mortal veil, sees gods, wounds two gods, Ares goes and bitches to Zeus, Zeus tells Ares to gtfo of his sight.) Gods fight each other (Said: Zeus finds out what happened to him after he wakes up, tells gods to go at it if they want to meddle with the war) (Said: Hera vs Artimes, but Hera has the upper hand, takes Artimes’ bow and smacks her with it.) Embassy to Achilles After things go badly for the Greeks, Agamemnon sends Ajax, Odysseus and Phoenix Agamemnon offers daughter (another daughter, not the one sacrificed), and half of kingdom
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He rejects their gifts and petition; threatens to leave Troy altogether (Said: Achilles was playing the Lyre while receiving the 3 dudes.) Achilles’ anger goes too far. Achilles says he’ll leave tomorrow, then says he’ll leave in a while, then says he’ll prob
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3-30-2010 - CLT Notes for Tuesday, 03/30/2010. Trojan War...

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