4-6-2010 - CLT Notes for Tuesday, April 06 2010. Odyssey...

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CLT Notes for Tuesday, April 06 2010. Odyssey and guest lecture. Take note that the prof used a significantly lot less info on the slides themselves (in comparison to prev lectures) but kept the volume the same. Meaning a lot of what I have typed out is me typing what I hear, not typing what I see. This leaves a lot more room for error on my part, so I would suggest you use a different source alongside my notes, i.e. http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/odyssey/summary.html or something, to get the big picture. Schedule Update Week 14 Teus: Legends of Aeneas Thur: Legends of Early Rome Week 15 Teus: Theories of Myth interpretation Thurs: -empty- [So everything will get moved down one day, Week 15 Teus will end up on Thursday, this thurs we’ll do Legends of Aeneas?] Week 16 Odyssey Review [Odyssey review, see 04/01 notes as prof went through this rather quickly to type all of it out.] Important names to remember: Telemachus, Calypso, Phaeacians and Penelope Will cover items not in 04/01 notes today, later in the lecture Odyssey continued Odysseus’ guest-gift “outis” trick (Noman, from last lecture) (Shown: YouTube video of Lego figurines encountering a clay Cyclops) Escape from the cave Odysseus escapes by tying men to bottom of sheep, he himself grasps the bottom of a biggest ram and escape out of the cave. Odysseus tells Polyphemus his real name (taunting him), the Cyclops hurls a boulder at the ship, almost washes ship back to shore. Polyphemus prays to Poseidon …grant that the sacker of cities, Odysseus, son of Laertes, whose house is in Ithaca, never again may return his home. But if fate ordains that he must revisit the land of his father, that he look on his friends again and enter his well-built palace grant this: [Didn’t get it all but:] that he returns as a beggar, his friends dead and nobody to support him. Aeolus, Laestrygonians and Circe Aeolus gives Odysseus a bag of contrary winds (guest-gift) Almost makes it back to Ithaca (Said: They almost make it back, Odysseus stays awake for like 6 days long, see the shore, Odysseus takes a nap, crew gets jealous about Odysseus’ guest gift, open up the bag Returns to Aeolus [Whom won’t help them anymore, believes they are actually cursed] The Laestrygonians (Said: They invite ships into the harbor, but Odysseus doesn’t. The Laestrygonians destroy all the other ships with Odysseus and eat&kill the rest of the crew on the ships, Odysseus escapes with only one ship.) Circe (Said: They go to this other island, some go ashore, get offered wine, they take it except one dude. Circe touches the people who drank the wine with a wand, turns them into pigs. One dude goes back and warns Odysseus whom goes and confronts Circe himself)
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(Said: As Odysseus is walking to the hut, he encounters Hermes, he is given a potion
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4-6-2010 - CLT Notes for Tuesday, April 06 2010. Odyssey...

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