4-13-2010 and quiz

4-13-2010 and quiz - CLT Notes for Tuesday, 04/13/2010:...

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CLT Notes for Tuesday, 04/13/2010: Aeneas Continued… Aeneas Continued Aeneas: What’s that fire in the distance? Pius again [turns out it was dido’s funeral pyre, the couch set fire, on which she commited suicide.] Funeral games for Anchises [father]/death of Palinurus [helmsman] The Cumaean Sibyl and the Underworld (Said: He finds out he has to go visit the underworld to get guidance from his father’s ghost.) “as sands in the hourglass… so are the days of her life” The Cumaean Sibyl [the women who made a deal with Apollo, told him she wanted to live as many years as she has sand in her hands. Turns out she forgot to ask for youth, she then reneges the sex she was going to give Apollo, she turns out to be miserable.] Is told by her he needs the golden bow or something Charon tells Aeneas to get lost, he is still alive. Charon sees the golden bow and lets him through however. The Sibyl deals with Cerberus [puts all 3 heads asleep with some drugged food] Fields of Mourning: Aeneas sees Dido [place where people who commit suicide go] (Said: with Vergil, the underworld is very clearly laid out, with careful geography and is well defined.) Dido just walks away from Aeneas when he tries to talk to her, she goes to her dead husband’s arms. [like Ajax the greater scene] Aeneas previews future Roman heroes (Said: Describes the reincarnation process that isn’t present in the Odyssey, talks about future heroes he sees drinking from the river Lithe) Vergil reading the Aeneid to Augustus and Octavia [Augustus’ sister] Octavia faints, still distraught over Marcello’s death, her son, as Vergil reads about the underworld part Prophecy of Anchises “But you Roman, never forget your duty to govern the nations. Your god-given skill will
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4-13-2010 and quiz - CLT Notes for Tuesday, 04/13/2010:...

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