4-15-2010 - CLT Notes for Thursday Roman religion and myth...

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CLT Notes for Thursday 04/15/2010: Roman religion and myth Announcements [Special info for those who attended class, or reading my notes I guess.] All quizzes and keys posted in E-Learning Review quizzes and midterm for optional makeup quiz Info about makeup quiz in E-learning No images for final exam Schedule for Tuesday (9:35-11:15) First 15 minutes: course evaluations (important!) Need volunteer to get and return forms from Classics Dept. Prof. and TA’s will not be present After evals are done Scantrons will be handed out ( makeup quiz and midterm) Makeup quiz and midterm will be handed out Be sure to turn in scantrons separately! It may take a few days to post final grades Aeneid: What happened to Harpies’ prediction about Trojans’ eating their tables? (Said: This prophecy was given, yet seemingly no answer was given.) (Said: They use flatbread to eat off of, then they’re still hungry so they eat their flatbread, fulfilling the prophecy in a very anti-climactic way. Aeneas relieved however.) Roman religion and myth Roots of Roman Religion Early religion had deities that weren’t anthropomorphic Animistic “Nodders,” who inhabited certain functions of daily life ( Numen /numina) [This means nodders, literally. Numina is plural version] Robigus/o [Romans didn’t make it female or male, hence the “/o”]
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4-15-2010 - CLT Notes for Thursday Roman religion and myth...

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