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Second Scientific Revolution March 31, 2010 I. Introduction A. About 1859-1914 B. First Scientific Revolution was reassuring, the second was disturbing 1. In the 2 nd , the major discoveries were disturbing and upsetting 2. The first was governed by law, and science was kind of new and people weren’t sure what it constituted C. In the second S.R. people have enormous confidence in science 1. Radio, car, tv, electricity, medicines had all emerged by 1859 2. Science is good II. Biology: Charles Darwin A. Wrote the Origin of Species, published in 1859 1. Put forth the theory of evolution B. Biological evolution 1. Species evolve by chance 2. Those that improve (the fit) survive 3. Those that do not (the unfit) perish a. Those that are able to improve live, don’t improve die: Natural Selection i. Nature decides who will live and who will perish C. Reaction to evolution 1. Criticized by churchman 2. Problem was that “good” and “evil” no longer seemed to matter a. What if a species improves to something we see as evil to help it survive? i. Ex: improves ability to be violent to survive: is violence good?
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8secondscientificrevolution - Second Scientific Revolution...

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