Class 3 Psychopharmacology

Class 3 Psychopharmacology - Class 3 Psychopharmacology...

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Class 3 Psychopharmacology Chemical Signalling and Methods of Research. Chemical Signalling 3 essential routes of signal transduction 1) Presynaptic gene - Presynaptic NT synthesis and storage. 2) Postsynaptic receptor – 2 nd messenger – postsynaptic gene. 3) Postsynaptic gene – further biochemical sequence of events. A bidirectional relationship - Genes modify behaviour - Behaviour modifies genes Behaviour is derived from nerve functioning. Synaptic Connections : 1) Axodentric (most common) Axon connects with Dendrite. 2) Axosomatic Axon connects with soma. 3) Axoaxonic Axon connects with terminal of another axon. What chemical substance qualifies as a neurotransmitter? 1) Neurotransmitter needs to be in the axonal terminal stored in a vesicle. 2) It has to have some form of deactivation system. 3) Has to respond to action potential. 4) Enzymes to biodegrade them. 5) There should be receptors they could bind to. 6) Agonist or antagonist. Class neurotransmitters: 1) Amino acids 2) Monoamines 3) Neuropeptides
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Neuropeptides: small proteins composed of 3 to 40 amino acids. They are created by genetic expression in the cell body. They are packed into larger vesicles at the Golgi apparatus. They are broken down at the
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Class 3 Psychopharmacology - Class 3 Psychopharmacology...

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