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01 - Consider the following problem A coin is tossed 9...

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Unformatted text preview: Consider the following problem: A coin is tossed 9 times. What is the probability of getting all heads? Use the classical probability formula. The experiment in this problem is tossing a coin 9 times. Let E be the event "getting all heads". There is only one way to get all heads in 9 tosses of a coin and that is to get heads on every single toss. So n( E ) = 1. Moreover, there are a total of 29 = 512 different outcomes possible when tossing a coin 9 times. So n( S ) = 512. Then, by the classical probability formula, the probability of getting all heads is ME) =i~0002 HE): ”(3) 512 Answer: 0.002 ...
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