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11 - You decide to record the hair colors of people leaving...

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Unformatted text preview: You decide to record the hair colors of people leaving a lecture at your school. What is the probability that the next person who leaves the lecture will have blonde hair? Enter your answer as a simplified fraction or a decimal rounded to three decimal places. Blonde Red Brown Black Gray 26 36 26 28 49 Since you have been recording the number of people who have each hair color, this probability is found by experiment and would be empirical. If E is an event, then P( E ), read "the probability that E occurs," is as follows: frequency of event E f P( E ) — . . . — . total number of times the experiment 1s performed in f _ the number of times a person with blonde hair came out n the total number of people counted _ 26 _ 26+36+26+28+49 _ 26 _ E Answer: A or 0.158 165 ...
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