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16 - Consider the following problem There are 59 identical...

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Unformatted text preview: Consider the following problem: There are 59 identical plastic chips numbered 1 Through 59 in a box. What is the probability of reaching into the box and randomly drawing a chip numbered greater than 17? Use the slasisanrsbshflitxfarmla- The experiment in this problem is drawing a chip from the box. Let E be the event "drawing a chip numbered greater than 17". Since there are 59 — 17 = 42 chips in the box numbered greater than 1?, n( E ) = 42. Since there are a total of 59 chips in the box, n( S) = 59. Then, by the classical probability formula, the probability of drawing a chip numbered greater than 1? is n E 42 ( ):—:0.712. 13(3): ”(3) 59 Answer: 0.712 ...
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