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16 - You were asked to find the probability that you...

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Unformatted text preview: You were asked to find the probability that you reached into a jar and randomly grabbed a dime and then, without replacement, a penny. Currently the jar contains the following: 20 Pennies 1? Dimes 6 Nickels 27 Quarters Use the multiplication rule for dependent events since the coins are chosen without replacement. Recall that the total number of coins in the jar is 70. Furthermore, there are a total of 1? dimes and 20 pennies. Let E be the event "choosing a dime first" and then F the event "choosing a penny given that the first coin chosen was a dime". WewillthenhaveP(E) =3 andP(F|E)=B. 7'0 69 17 20 340 34 - — — 2 0.070 70 69 4830 483 P(EandF):P(E)P(F|E)— Answer: i 3 0.070 483 ...
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