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hpqscan0016 - DO 3 ESSAYS[Make sure that you include...

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Unformatted text preview: DO 3 ESSAYS [Make sure that you include relevant diagrams and equations]. 1. German writers of the past, discussed “the Adam Smith problem.” What were they talking about, and do you agree with those writers that there was such a problem. 2. Ricardo attempted to alter the direction of economic analysis asserting that the important issues left unresolved in his time were distributional ones. Was Ricardo working on the right line of development? What would you assess his contributions to economic to be? 3. John Stuart Mill has been looked on as the economist who sourced the Second Classical Situation. Yet Schumpeter, who introduced the concept of classical situations did not include Mill in his book,T en Great Economists. Can you explain this apparent contradiction? 4. Describe Alfred Marshall’s major contributions to Economics? Marshall still has an enormous reputation in Economics? Does he deserve that reputation? What were his main contributions? 5. What were John Maynard Keynes’ contributions to economic analysis? Does he deserve the reputations that he has. [Note that reputations is plural, designedly so.] ...
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