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hpqscan0020 - (11 Mill WW3“ they should outlaw tamperwhh...

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Unformatted text preview: (11. Mill WW3“: - ; they should outlaw tamperwhh mmsotmuim and Production It Mummnlhm MINI! d. Alinflneabim. c. Nonooiliiubove. 12. Mill believed that mums o! Wfll'fl a. “partly or human institution: in: the mono:- in which wealth it dintjbnml in my Mutiny, (leptons on the mom orwguthmio obtaining: - - ' 1: Random momma W'mmts have thema- ofdeddingwhi Molina shall exist, they cannot ”fluidly me now ates: Inadizttiona new work”. 7 c. Political economy could dist-cm tit: laws governing monk bdlnviot, conning government to amt: Witt ‘ initiations. loftkcaimc. LNGMthBIIhWG. 23. Mill is {in first mljnr “month: to: work on: that on import mph! lowers Dom-ail: Availability. in» ®ulnt out lilafimportmrpiltau do have an advantage that they oak: more goods available to a society than balancui m at m export levels, c to oil-silos that International land: would bemfii I. country. 5: All of the above. e. None of the mow. x" “a _, 24. Join Stun. Mill and: an advance on Ricarda‘s theory of comparative. advantage by showing that: ‘ m the ratios of exchange moon two products will depend on in: ratios of Mince nilvnnlagu. k: @enflmofexchunmmmpmdmwmmdonmemmgthomamonoithemoountfinforthcothu / mantris exports. c. the ratios oi adiange between two WW will mo on purchasing pana- parity. amorous-nave. nflmoithubnw. 25. in connection with tho: Summary Stain, Mill argued that: a. Ricard-1': model was basin-l1}; wrong so that one could not continua that would be a stationary equililgdam. it. that mngbmlness cycle conditions prenatal any country m warming in a stationary oquilihriom. (J reaching m an aqullibrintn nook: be desirable as individuals could rein fro-lb: strugfie for moral: survival, mdmfiemdemmofiwmoilli‘e. ' d. it won-iii take anoint: lwo 0:an of upilnl mmullfion in men national-inf. c. All oldie above. ...
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