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hpqscan0022 - $2 Karl Marx thought that capitalism would...

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Unformatted text preview: $2 Karl Marx thought that capitalism would inevitably produce the mutants: revolution one to: a. the increased exploitation of oapitzlisie. b. worker: who became more of the greater extent of exploitation they were subjecteti to. o. workers who became swore of the tisproporiioo in the number of Wicket: and “plumes. d. worker: who were not only stressed by exploltxtloo trod Wow hot by onpitntiet wan end the capitalist Q- !iosiotss cycle would increasingly in their!!!” hope-u mum, when at the some time they lino ‘ ‘7 became convinced a revolution could sneezed. { . . QUE of the above , ll Mm believed (ht upiilllm: 1. served no useful function. They whys: women, managers, scientists, engineers, ctr. while paying them lat titan metallic ofwhattieyprodoced nu! MWhfleduped thelremployeeslotobellefiagtmmahe d capiiellstl- contributed something. hemoohrlotemted iohtresiogtitemeolexoloitetioo-siv. E increased exploitation by driving mm M m to the subsistence level. oftlteabm. eNoeeofiitubove. / 34; Msnwimpmdbytechoologlulsdumnhiehleélintohdifle: I. there would bemoflnoing lounging Mom on sale leading to roooopoliet. . that it motel he emery for the aoinllm to always spend moo capital good: this looming attenuate composition «capital dim]. L. plialwoolddimlaeehhwmthnthmwooldbeammeamyoffie momhyetltiatmoléaktmettbetop ofoimiachie. unite ebon— efim oftlte elm: 35. Keri Mm believed tint topmost: would get I damning titan oi the notional income [lite falling rm of profit 7 argument] become: - ' ' t. 7- a ' e rate of ion-ease oi'tlte rate at“ surplus value was slower that the me of increase oftlte organic composition of ‘ ‘ 3_ oapitaL Capitalists would then pot locmoiog pit-more on iahorto get more surplus value. " ' it. the marginal productivity of lobar grew due to e grater abundance of capital. 0t, 4:. increasingly all social income would-go to lamina. (1. technology actually was onfivorxble, destroying resources “mom. As the uptullm owned even-thing. environmental degredaiion naturally hurt the capitalists most atoll. e. the State would some in mi mack moonoiiet M their monopoly profits. 36. Sim“! Meufifort Lolififltlad: I. becomedtiuloiihe tabertheoryofvaioe. b. worked out E mrginl productivity theory of when; early at: 1834. {Than Me is mantel. t. Bait {glad to have lasting influence because he was a inryer. So he was. nitl Profit!" ilk: Como, Volt Thoma, _ .g..n...n.: .e L...;,., . ...
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