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hpqscan0031 - w" “in!“ MW a Non «an “an Swumfl...

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Unformatted text preview: w"'] “in!!!“ MW; a. Non «an “an. Swumfl; Mm PM a Pm" Mr. C. “W QM“ with unmat- ”dim-rent; mam e‘ ”me “the Show. A 83.11:: firm in dllgmu 2 I: «min: minim-12mm!“ 34. Considering mflm in diagram 3 then: ? m0 MD” a A is quasi-mu. & l: mu prom. Ahpunprofii. B. hquui rents. This firm is warning an the intensive margin. 0 AW” 9* My 'l—I —.‘J In. 1 n / A VC Page 12 \ ...
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