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Mike Zinn 1a. The leaf of the angiosperm has made several adaptations for photosynthesis and food storage. On the leaf, the cuticle or top waxy part of the leaf is transparent allowing for the most amount of light to reach the chlorophyll for photosynthesis. Also, the arrangement of leaves on a stem or phyllotaxy comes into play. Leaves are arranged in a specific order and angle to allow optimal light exposure for photosynthesis. If there are several leaves bunched up covering each other, than sunlight will not reach all the leaves and they will die. In addition, large leaves in plants allows for more surface area for light absorption and photosynthesis. For food storage, the control of the stomata is vital to the plant. The stomata is sometimes closed to keep water inside the plant. The stoma controls the passage of gas and water and sometimes closes during the day in dry environments to prevent excess water loss. Extra food is stockpiled and synthesized into starch. Also plants store some extra food in the chloroplasts, storage cells of roots, tubers seeds, and fruits. 1b. Adaptations for food and water transport have been vital for the survival of plants. In plants vascular bundles are made up of the xylem and the phloem. The xylem delivers water to the leaf tissue, while the phloem transports food from the leaf tissue to the rest of
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phs_and_resp_essay - Mike Zinn 1a. The leaf of the...

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