Discussion Notes_November 11th

Discussion Notes_November 11th - shortcomings—relatively...

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11/11/09 Bluebeard - 561 never get there, but we’ve made a lot of progress - Won’t get there, until the owners/majority realize that there is a problem o Whites need to take responsibility and recognize that there is white privilege - HOW DO YOU KNOW THINGS ARE GETTING BETTER? o Minority perspective o Majority perspective o How do you define it for yourself Political Standards Social Standards Economic Standards  - Linear Measures o Economic success Disparity  o Discrimination Declining or increasing o Hate Crimes More or less o Public Opinion - Measures in Tension o Diversity vs. Assimilation
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- Public Policy o Policy disconnect All six of the policies that dealt with racial tensions, failed to deliver; social
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Unformatted text preview: shortcomings—relatively ineffective How do you create a policy that will be the most effective? o Redistribution policies o De juro vs. de facto policies Informal associations with “the Other” may affect the way people treat others Affect policies? • Conservative right wing supreme court justices have a narrow interpretation; because of a persistent nagging of this perception • Crack cocaine vs. powder cocaine for people from different areas/races o Jail or not? Public attitudes affect policies Dismantling affirmative action-Time Limits – are they enough?-Political action o Who do you mobilize? Who should your coalition be? o Politics needed to provoke and promote change....
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Discussion Notes_November 11th - shortcomings—relatively...

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