1.6 Sachs and Moyo

1.6 Sachs and Moyo -...

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Jeffrey Sachs and Dambisa Moyo have distinctive positions regarding the nature  of poverty and how to successfully reduce it. Compare their ideas. Jeffrey Sachs End of Poverty On-the- Ground Solutions For Ending Poverty Chapter 12 The end of poverty requires a global network of cooperation The idea that the poor are poor because they are lazy or their governments are corrupt are misconceptions; the poor face structural challenges that keep them from getting their foot in the door of globalization Meeting: With The Rural Poor: Saur Kenya Region had severe levels of hunger, AIDS, and malaria o Easy to fix and really aren’t that costly. Can donate nets, which last for 5 years instead of throwing money at the problem . Moyo would argue that donating nets isn’t enough . Need to teach people to make the nets themselves. Build local factories so they can support themselves. There are no cars and only two or three people in the village had ever been to Nairobi which is 400 kilometers aways Farm output is used almost entirely for the household’s own consumption, rather than sales in the market The community has no money for fertilizer, medicine, school fees, or other basic needs they must be purchased from an outside village Most people have never made a phone call Big Five development interventions 1. Agricultural Inputs 2. Investments in Basic Health i. A village clinic, free anti-malarial bed nets, treatment for HIV/AIDS 3. Investments in Education ii. Meals for children in primary school , expand vocational training, computer literary basic infrastructure maintenance 4. Power, transport, and communication services 5. Safe drinking water and sanitation o The cost of implementing these is not that expensive these investment would repay themselves in lives saved, children educated, and communities preserved,
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1.6 Sachs and Moyo -...

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