3.3 Mugabe and Colonial Origins paper

3.3 Mugabe and Colonial Origins paper - 3.3 Do you think...

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3.3 Do you think Robert Mugabe would enjoy reading the paper by “Colonial Origins by Acemoglu, Johnson, and Robinson? And should he enjoy it so much? The main point for this question is to research about Mugabe which I have done and attached some websites as well. He would enjoy reading the article because he says that the white farmers and the white settlers forcefully took the land from the blacks with little property right. So Mugabe as a president thought that the land belongs to black so the white settlers should go back to their own countries. They have done enough bad extracting from Zimbabwe. From the paper Countries with better "institutions," more secure property rights, and less distor-tionary policies will invest more in physical and human capital, and will use these factors more efficiently to achieve a greater level of income (e.g., Douglass C. North and Robert P. Thomas, 1973; Eric L. Jones, 1981; North, 1981). Overall, the results in Table 2 show a strong correlation between institutions and economic performance Thus like Nigeria and Congo and other African countries in Zimbabwe too the Europeans had an extractive type of colonies which persisted over time and thus Zimbabwe could never do things on its own Mugabe as a freedom fighter - he fought against it and he wanted to chase the whites away and distribute the land among the blacks. Now if he reads this article he will have econometric analysis to prove that he was right and these white people should be chased away. With his nation's economy in shambles, President Robert Mugabe threw himself a lavish 85th birthday party Saturday, using the opportunity to call on Zimbabwe's last white farmers to leave. "Land distribution will continue. It will not stop," Mugabe said in Chinhoyi, 60 miles
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3.3 Mugabe and Colonial Origins paper - 3.3 Do you think...

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