1_5_09 Day One

1_5_09 Day One - Presentation - Critically evaluate and...

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Unformatted text preview: Presentation - Critically evaluate and analyze media sources - Different media in different parts of the world, and how they work- Implications for politics in the various regions- 20 minutes Research Project- In a social science framework- See syllabus Why focus on Media and Information?- State-society relations o Public opinion o Political control controlling perceptions of the government Easier if you have control over the media- Legitimacy (especially for authoritarian regimes)- Central to the maintenance or disintegration of political power- Foundational for both political and economic markets o Economic Gather information for investments Clear accurate/transparent information about the economy Threats to investments Important for economic development Necessary for capitalist system o Political If government working correctly in your interests- Key mechanisms of learning about the outside world o Filter through which you learn about whats going on in the world o The key lens through which we understand whats going on around us, besides personal experience o Why certain policies are adopted news about other demonstrations in countries Berlin Wall and the rest of Eastern Europe- Increasingly important as other sources of political information such as inter- personal civic associations decline o Robert Putnam: Bowling Alone Decrease in inter-personal civic associations in the United States where...
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1_5_09 Day One - Presentation - Critically evaluate and...

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