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The School of Graduate Studies will be accepting applications for the "Business Related" SSHRC CGS Masters Applications from non- traditional graduate units . All programs are eligible provided they fit the award criteria specified below, by SSHRC and the necessary eligibility requirements. In the first Business Related SSHRC CGS Masters competition the University of Toronto received winners that were representational of all four SGS divisions. Award Details Value: $17,500 Duration: 1 year Location of tenure: Canada only Citizenship: Canadian or Permanent Resident Deadline: Nov. 18, 2009 at SGS (deadline for departments, not students) NOTE: Deadline for applications from UTSC undergraduates: Nov 4, 2009 (same deadline as for the regular SSHRC CGSM applications!) Award Criteria For research considered "business-related", please refer to the excerpt below from a communication sent to the scholarly community by SSHRC's President, Dr. Chad Gaffield, earlier this year. Excerpt from Dr. Chad Gaffield's letter to the scholarly community. February 13, 2009 "As demonstrated over SSHRC's thirty-year history, students pursuing research-based graduate degrees across the social sciences and humanities significantly enrich understanding of topics important to our society. Moreover, SSHRC award-winners from all research degree programs go on to benefit all sectors, including the business world. Directly, and indirectly, the results continue to make significant contributions to addressing the world's most pressing challenges, as illustrated in the current financial crisis by the central role of business historians focused on the 1930s; philosophers focused on business ethics; political scientists focused on regulatory frameworks; economists focused on stimulus strategies;
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Business+Related+SSHRC+Competition+2010-2011 - The School...

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