wlav-10 - IT IS possible to do your summaries just on two...

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Concordia University GEOG 200/4 - World Geography Instructor: Dr Pierre Deslauriers Winter 2010 Film Summaries Guidelines (Report is worth 10 %) DUE AT THE LATEST : March 29 During the course, the following films are scheduled to be presented in class February 1 - The Nation Returns (Blood and Belonging – on Germany) March 1 - World in the Balance , Part One (on population) March 22 - China Revs Up ! (Nova, PBS) What to do You are required to produce a summary of at least one of these documents AND of one other audio-visual (film) document of your choice obtained from any other source (one you already have; TV; presentation in a movie theater; obtained from a video library etc …) NOTE that this “outside” document must be substantial (e.g. not just a ten minute “short feature”!!) Full reference information must be provided for this document: title, source, length, director/producer IMPORTANT NOTE : for people WHO WILL view the films presented in class
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Unformatted text preview: IT IS possible to do your summaries just on two of those Write two summaries of about 375 words each . The following should be covered : 1. brief summary of the content (about 250 wds) 2. what were (in your opinion) some major points made (about 50 wds) 3. How is this movie related to this course? (about 75 wds)-here, make reference to some of the concepts, issues, techniques of data presentation that you recognize in the film which can be associated to materials introduced in class lectures, or found in the required textbook reading NOTE 1 : These visual documents are NOT available on reserve, therefore it is important that you maximize information collection at viewing time e.g. IN CLASS. NOTE 2 : The content of the films is considered part of the course content. It will not be used for mandatory test questions, but it could be used for optional questions....
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wlav-10 - IT IS possible to do your summaries just on two...

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