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Capstone CheckPoint - You are prepping for an interview for...

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You are prepping for an interview for a job in a field in which you have had no training or experience whatsoever. You decide to list for yourself five items—qualities, life events, or achievements—that will indicate to the interviewer that you are prepared to succeed in any field. What are they? Five skills and qualities that I would use in this scenario would be firstly, that I give great attention to detail. I notice small mistakes and am quick to correct them. I would explain that almost every problem that is faced in the workplace is the result of one tiny minute detail that was missed. Catching mistakes early saves time and prevents frustration. Secondly, that I am driven, and am always determined to get the job done on time, and done well. Another skill that I would mention is that I am highly organized, and work best in an organized environment. I would include that I learn quickly and can ‘think on my feet’ in tough situations. Lastly, I would list that I work well with others, and am great at getting people motivated.
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