L12(2)_HeideggerBeingTime - PHI 310 Lecture 12: Heideggers...

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PHI 310 Lecture 12: Heidegger’s Being and Time . Authentic/Inauthentic Living and Becoming The Phenomenon of Death According to Heidegger, Death individualizes each of us from all other objects, and also from all other human beings. Only Dasein reaches its wholeness in Death. When it ceases to exist it acquires a kind of Being that it never had when it was alive and making choices. Dying thus has existential significance . Heidegger explains the existential significance of Death by pointing out that Death: Constutites the totality of Dasein Is the point at which Dasein reaches its wholeness Is not one event among many for Dasein, but is a basic and distinctive feature of the Being of Dasein Is the “possibility which is one’s own-most”, the possibility of there being no more possibilities Is one’s own individual event; where subjectivity comes to its self-realization. Authentic vs. Unauthentic Living In his attempt to inquire into the nature of existence, Heidegger distinguishes two ways of living: the one, inferior, called the unauthentic ; the other, superior, called the authentic . Unauthentic existence is an uncritical participation in the world as it is; authentic existence consists in an analysis of self. Although distinct, the unauthentic and the authentic life have some common characteristics: actual participation in the world -- this means that the existent being has a relationship to
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L12(2)_HeideggerBeingTime - PHI 310 Lecture 12: Heideggers...

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