Case Assignment S2 2009 - GSOE9810 CASE ASSIGNMENTS S2 2009...

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GSOE9810 CASE ASSIGNMENTS S2 2009 Your team has been assigned to a case study below published by Harvard Business School. The case is copyrighted therefore you need to download it at a cost of around A$8 from their website. This assignment is due by the end of Week 11. You need to submit a GROUP report (maximum 2000 words). Your team is expected to work together to identify, evaluate and analyse critical issues of the case from several aspects covered in the course. You need to utilize WebCT Vista extensively to exchange ideas and interact with each other. Answer all of the case questions as well as relevant issues during your discussions. These questions may guide you to critically review your case. Whereas, you are not only limited to these questions. Research and emphasize other issues that your group considers to be important and relevant as well. . Then, summarize your group’s final decisions in your group report. Your report will contribute 5% to your Major assignment mark. Web-based case discussion will contribute 15% to your Major assignment mark. Each member of the team may be awarded different marks based on the quality and quantity of the interactions as well as the dynamics of your team work. Your interactions will be monitored regularly by your lecturer. You are also expected to present your team’s findings to the class during weeks 12 and 13. Prepare an informative and clear power point presentation, outlining core issues of the case. The duration of the presentation will be 10 minutes only, followed by another 10 minutes of discussion. By the end of Week 5, each team member need to carefully read the “Team Assignment Agreement” which is posted on the WebCT Vista, fill it in and post it again in group’s discussion area. You need to ensure that you use both appropriate writing style and content of communications whilst using both Vista and your final report about the case. Conduct which unduly disrupts or interferes with tutorial activities is not acceptable. In general, the following criteria will be used to grade your assignment: Identification of key facts and the integration of those facts in a logical development. Clarity and quality of communication—this includes development of a clear and orderly structure and the highlighting of core arguments in a timely manner. Timely Interaction your team members through Vista. Analysis and Evaluation of assignments by integrating knowledge gathered in lectures,
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Case Assignment S2 2009 - GSOE9810 CASE ASSIGNMENTS S2 2009...

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