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I DEAS OLUTIONS FOR T UTORIAL E XERCISES GSOE9810 PRODUCT AND PROCESS QUALITY IN ENGINEERING Discussion Questions Chapter 6 Question 3 The text makes the point that being a benchmark firm encourages continuing improvement. Figure 6-2 illustrates this point: As a company advances through the steps of the benchmark purpose continuum, the level of quality improves immensely. However on page 179, the text also makes the point that: To concentrate too much on comparative measures might focus managers on results and not causes. This could result in the unfortunate development of numerical goals that ignore the necessity of improving the system of production. Question 5 Benchmarking allows the firm to compare its processes against other, successful firms. The various benchmarking types allow a firm to identify the area where there are weaknesses and to concentrate on resolving them. Table 6-1 lists the benchmarking types and the areas of business that they address. 1
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Question 7 The Internet has vastly empowered communication. Research that used to involve creating company libraries or spending days in public or school libraries can now be performed in a few hours at a desktop computer. Most companies place an inordinate amount of information on their corporate websites. This information usually includes all of the financial information that the corporate financial statements include. In addition, search engines such as Google ( www.google.com ) can allow a manager to review all of the current published information. Questions 10 Different firms in different industries use many different factors to evaluate their performance. Table 6-2 presents some of these factors. The factors that are chosen for benchmarking must relate closely to the businesses identity. The chapter emphasizes that care must be taken to identify the factors that are identifiable to your business. The example is made on page 179 that: in a given firm, customer satisfaction might be significantly related to market share. If this is the case, then a company would be very interested in keeping score of its customer satisfaction. Question 11
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